The Kitchen 2024

This is a gripping crime thriller directed by Martin Scorsese, set in the gritty underworld of 1970s New York City. The film follows three women, portrayed by Viola Davis, Michelle Rodriguez, and Rosamund Pike, who take over their husbands’ criminal operations after they are imprisoned. As they assert their power and build their own empire, they must navigate treacherous alliances and confront rival gangs. With Scorsese’s signature style, intense performances, and a pulsating soundtrack, This immerses viewers in a world of danger, betrayal, and female empowerment. It’s a thrilling ride that keeps audiences on the edge of their seats. Follow Bflix for more.

The Kitchen Online Movie Streaming

Title: The Kitchen 2024
Genres: 2024 Movies | Adventure, Drama, Sci-fi
Director: Daniel Kaluuya, Kibwe Tavares
Writer: Daniel Kaluuya, Joe Murtagh
Stars: Kano, Jedaiah Bannerman, Hope Ikpoku Jnr

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